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I am from Sydney from 'Down Under' Australia! I am your typical girl who likes to hang out with friends, eat KFC and travelling. Oh and of course I love reading (of course I have to say that!) I would like to describe myself as a self confessed fan-girl I love romance, chick-lit, erotica but I'm willing to read anything that is a page turner and guilty pleasure. I'll try my best to be super active on here when I can! I look forward to posting updates on my writing in the midst of immersing myself in the community. I primarily write contemporary adult romance with a lot of heart and just enough sinfulness to make you want more ;) My writing will have a bit of a guilty pleasure element but isn't that what it's all about? :)

Nothing Is Ever Forever (The Phoenix series, #3)

Nothing Is Ever Forever (The Phoenix series, #3) - Ted Tayler Fantastic follow up to those who are avid fans of the series, but also a great standalone book. If you have not read any of the books, get started NOW!
This third installment picks up immediately after the 2012 Olympics, and that is all I will give away in terms of spoilers!
Rusty is fabulous as always with his witty and quick thinking dialogue and still remains my favourite character of the series.

The plot is original with vivid detail and the characters are likeable, flawed and three dimensional, bringing me straight into the story. I found this a very enjoyable read over the holiday season and you will find yourself engrossed and itching to turn every page. I highly recommend to all looking for a high action and adventure packed entertaining read.